Always and Forever Hearts


One of our best sellers, our range of hearts are constantly in demand. Whether you choose a small or large single, or a set of twin hearts; we know that they will be cherished. They are hand crafted using traditional techniques, fire welded and formed whilst hot. Creating that lovely tactile feel that you achieve only through worked metal.

We offer them with personalised inscriptions as well, taking something bespoke, and making it truly unique with that special personal touch.

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Hearts Product Description

Small hearts- forged out of 6 mm round. Approximately 80 mm across by 100 mm high.

Large hearts-  forged out of 8 mm round. Approximately at 100 mm across by 120 mm high.

Twin hearts- forged out of 8 mm round. Approximately 180 mm across by 120 mm high. (Two large singles are fire welded together).

Care Instructions

To keep them looking in tip top condition-

Keep in a warm and dry environment

Coat with graphite paste once or twice a year, make sure to leave them for several hours or overnight

If rust does appear, gently rub the rusted area with a brillo pad

Touch up with graphite paste on the cleaned area. Leave for several hours or overnight


Send us a picture of your lovely heart in it’s new home, we love to see them!


Additional information

Hearts Variations

Small Plain, Large Plain, Twin Plain, Small Stamped, Large Stamped, Twin Stamped, Small Stamped Both Sides, Large Stamped Both Sides, Twin Stamped Both Sides