Beautifully elegant in it’s the classic design, the ampersand. And adding the Swann Forge twist that you have come to know and love. Take something simple, make it simply gorgeous. Admired by all, it is one of our most treasured products. Whether you love writing, or know someone who does. Or maybe you just love elegance with a touch of class. A fantastic wedding present, ready to be an heirloom of the future. You’ll love this the ampersand wherever you choose to put it.


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Approximate sizing

Forged out of one solid section.  It stands tall at roughly at 260mm- 300mm. The footprint is approximately 150mm x 80mm. Finished with an interior lacquer, and top coated with a graphite finish.

Care Instructions

To keep your ampersand looking in tip top condition-

Keep in a warm and dry environment

Graphite paste your ampersand once or twice a year

If rust does appear, gently rub the rusted area with a brillo pad

Touch up with graphite paste on the cleaned area. Leave overnight or at least several hours