Bass Clef


Music lover, or lover of fancy, our bass clefs are sure to stand out from the rest. Applying the Swann Forge twist to a beloved musical symbol. We love them paired with the freestanding treble clefs. Whether that’s on your dressing table, your mantelpiece or the edge of a grand piano! Wherever you decide its forever home is, we know that you’ll love it always.

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Balancing careful design and style, the bass clef is the perfect quirky addition to your home.

Standing at approximately 180mm tall, with a footprint of 180mm x 100mm, it fits in nicely in most spaces.


Care Instructions

To keep your bass clef looking in tip top condition-

Keep it in a warm and dry environment

Graphite paste it once or twice a year

If rust does appear, gently rub the rusted area with a brillo pad

Touch up with graphite paste on the cleaned area. Leave overnight or at least several hours

Metal changes due to its environment, with a little TLC every now and again it will last lifetimes