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Add?a touch of charm and style to your home with a wonderful hare. As they are being hand forged, they take on their own personality; ranging from tranquil to inquisitive, giving them each an individual charm. Due to the nature of them being hand crafted, they are a?bespoke product, and very easy to fall in love with!?These wonderful hares are full of character, and a joy to have in the home.

With a range in sizes and styles, it is incredibly easy to create a warren of these lovely hares. Please note, each one is different so will vary slightly from the pictures.

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The word ‘Hynaf’, is Welsh for oldest, or?elder, we figured that being the largest of the family, Hynaf it would be. The inspiration for the first hare was taken from the hares which box outside of Thea’s mother’s house in the beautiful setting of West Wales. There is something quite magical about a hare, especially in March-April time, when they have the joys of spring under their paws.

Each individual hare is loving hand forged, truly bringing the phrase ‘breathing life into a cold dead piece of metal’ in to effect.

We have sent hares and pairs of hares across the world, we even have some very lucky hares living in Hawaii! We always love seeing them in their new home, so if you have minute to share a photo you can email us or send it via social media.




Each hare is hand finished, initially by wire brushing to make sure they are spruced up and ready?to go to the ball! ?They are then?hand painted with several coats of clear lacquer to protect them and completed with a buffing up with graphite paste.

Average height 320 mm

Base 50 mm x 50 mm

With the finishing touch of a baize felt underlining, you are safe in the knowledge that there will be no scratches left from hares paws!

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Hare Hynaf

Plain, Heart Stamp