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Add a touch of charm and style to your home with a wonderful hare. As each one is created, their individual personality takes shape. Their ears range from tranquil to inquisitive. Each one has it’s own charismatic charm. These wonderful hares are full of character, and joy to have in the home. Extremely easy to full in love with!

With a range in sizes and styles, it is incredibly easy to create a warren of these lovely hares. Please note, each one is a hand crafted individual, so will they will vary slightly from the pictures.

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Hare Description

The word ‘Bach’, is Welsh for little, or little one. Being the smallest of the hares, it seemed a fitting name. Standing at approximately 210mm tall, with a 40mm x 40mm base.

Hare Care Instructions

To keep your hare looking in tip top condition-

Keep them in a warm and dry environment

Give your hare a coat of iron paste once or twice a year

If rust does appear, gently rub the rusted area with a brillo pad

Touch up with iron paste on the cleaned area. Then leave for at least several hours, or overnight

We have sent hares and pairs of hares across the world, we even have some very lucky hares living in Hawaii! We always love seeing them in their new home, so if you have minute a to share a photo you can contact us here or through:




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Hach Bach

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