Mr Badger | The British Wildlife Collection


At Swann Forge, Badger is affectionately known as Mr Snouty. Each Badger has their own unique expression. The way in which they are crafted means that every face has it own characteristic charm. Their silver stripes have been polished so that they really stand out. They have a wonderful sense of calm, and look exceptionally lovely in pairs. Although a solitary Badger looks just as gorgeous! Alternatively an elegant pairing with Mr Fox.. Badger and Hare, or even all three!

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Mr Badger has a sweet elegance which captures the eye. He is usually snaffled up at very quickly at every show he ventures out to. Add some British wildlife charm to your home through our growing collection.

Badger Dimensions

He always forgets to go on his diet after Christmas. And consequently is fairly substantial when it comes to weight. He stands at approximately 250mm tall, with a 75mm 75mm x 8mm base and weighs roughly 1.5kg.

Care Instructions

To keep your Badger looking in tip top condition-

Keep him a warm and dry environment

Graphite paste your Badger once or twice a year

If rust does appear, gently rub the rusted area with a brillo pad

Touch up with graphite paste on the cleaned area. Leave overnight or at least several hours

Due to the nature of his polished nose, we do not advise using a brillo pad or similar on his shiny nose!

You can try a very fine emery paper (1500 grit) or send him back to us for a visit.