Napkin Rings


Whether you are having a romantic dinner for two, a table of four, or party of eight, these napkin rings will do you proud. Hot forged, textured and formed, they are finished overlapping slightly so as not to catch on your napkins. They are wire brushed, and then coated with a clear lacquer and finished off with a layer of renaissance wax. This is a clear wax as opposed to our usual graphite paste to ensure no marks will be left on the fabric.

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Add a touch of luxury to any dining table with these exquisite napkin rings. Whether it is for a special occasion, or your day to day dining experience, they are sure to be the talking point of the table. A beautifully dressed table can be simple and stylish, or elegant with an elaborate twist. But one thing is for sure, napkin rings are a must.

With design in mind, they will fit timelessly into a classic or contemporary setting. The subtle colour of steel grey lends itself to almost any interior. With their simplistic design they stand out in a minimalist setting, or quietly add to the ambience of a more classic style. They gain their lovely tactile texture through a process called fullering. This is achieved through?hot stamping, imprinting the tactile texture. Leaving elegant ridges running along them, it is reminiscent of a heavy wood grain as you run your finger along them.


Pair them with almost any napkin style and colour. We particularly love them with natural linen, or a striking patterned Egyptian cotton against a crisp white table cloth. How you decide to decorate the table is up to you, but be safe in the knowledge that you will achieve table envy with these gorgeous additions adorning your napkins any time or meal!



They are 35mm round


Care Instructions

As with all our products, keep them somewhere warm and dry. Give them a bit of loving every few months by applying?renaissance wax*; leave to dry and then buff off. Metal changes due to its environment, and with a little TLC every now and again it will last lifetimes to come. Should any little rust patches appear, use a light scouring pad, rub gently to remove the rust and coat well with renaissance wax?as instructed. To clean, wipe with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly. Leave somewhere warm to dry properly.

*We do not advise using graphite paste on the napkin rings as it is likely to mark your napkins.



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Napkin Rings

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