Oak Leaf Bell


Cute and quirky, our oak leaf bell is hand crafted by smith and striker. They each have a their own unique sounding ring, perfect for calling for tea! (We cannot be held accountable for any disputes that may arise..!) Whether you have them on your mantel piece, in the kitchen or in the hall; these decorative little beauties are a firm favourite.

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The bell measures approximately 60mm diameter,? by 120mm high.

We have carefully crafted our oak leaf bell to bring you a lovely sounding ring. Made using smith and striker technique (two people forging at on the same piece). We both have?had a part in the making of it, and have great pleasure in bringing it to you.

It has been wire brushed and finished with two coats of lacquer. Completed with a top coat of graphite paste to add the tactile you expect from us.

Care Instructions

As with all of our interior items, metal likes to be kept in a dry/warm environment. Every few months a touch of graphite paste goes a long way to keep your bell looking gorgeous.? If any rust spots do appear, they can be easily resolved with a light rubbing from a brillo pad (or similar) and a re-coat of graphite paste.