Oak Leaf Squiggle


Charming and quirky, these little oak leaf squiggles will add charm and style to any home. Whether you decide to have multiples as a feature on a shelf, or one subtly adorning a bookcase. The squiggles will bring enjoyment every time it is spotted. Treat your shelf and yourself with one of these little beauties.

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A purely fanciful thing. Inspired by nature, the oak leaf squiggles look perfect scattered along a shelf, or on the mantelpiece. We love them tucked up next to a lamp on a coffee table, or nestled on a bookcase. Where ever you decide to scatter them, know that they will always be a talking point. They always remind us of leaves scattered by the wind, which is why we particularly like multiples on a shelf. They take on their characteristics whilst they are being forged. Their tapers twisting and twirling until they have the form they want. Whether your home is contemporary or classic, nature never goes a miss. A subtly that comes to life once you notice it, it will give the joy of having a little piece of nature in your home all year round.

Oak Leaf Squiggle Approximate Sizing

Each squiggle is unique, so sizing really does vary. The leaf itself is around 40mm-50mm long, with tapered squiggles ranging in length. If there is a particular shape or style you like, please specify on the notes in the order and we will find the closest one to it for you.


Oak Leaf Squiggle Care Instructions

As with all our products, keep them somewhere warm and dry. Give them a bit of loving every few months by applying graphite paste; leave to dry and then buff off. Metal changes due to its environment, with a little TLC every now and again it will last lifetimes. Should any little rust patches appear, use a light scouring pad, and rub gently to remove the rust and coat well with graphite as instructed.


If you want to keep them outside or in the bathroom they will gradually rust. You may prefer the rusty look in general, so please be aware that due to the nature of metal, rust will occur if left in a damp environment due to them oxidising with an interior lacquer.