A single poppy, or a bunch of them. Poppies hold a significant value to so many, and for so many reasons. Whatever your reason for loving them, we hope we have done the natural beauty of the elegant poppy justice. Oxidised with classic red patina, a single poppy radiates a quiet beauty which never fades. Or a vase full of them making a simply striking statement piece in pride of place. They will fit into contemporary or traditional homes alike.


Fitted on a gracefully twisted stem, with eye-catching poppy red petals. Delicately carved stigma in the centre, we know you will love the poppies as much as we do! We love 5 of them arranged in our large vase with a few squiggly squiggles nestled in with them.

Poppy Dimensions

Poppy heads are approximately 90mm across.  With a stem of 190mm-200mm long.

Care Instructions for your Poppies

To keep your poppies looking in tip top condition-

Keep them in a warm and dry environment

Graphite paste the stem and poppy centre once or twice a year

If rust does appear, gently rub the rusted area with a brillo pad

Touch up with graphite paste on the cleaned area. Leave overnight or at least several hours

Metal changes due to its environment, with a little TLC every now and again it will last lifetimes

The red patina can be brought up to a lovely shine if it needs it occasionally by a spritz of a clear spray lacquer.

We don’t recommend using a brillo pad on the red patina, please get in touch if rust does appear!