Moon and the Stars


Hand crafted, this delightful star and moon collection are simple and stylish. Forged and formed whilst hot, they take on the texture of worked steel. They are then wire brushed and clear lacquered, and finished with a top coat of graphite. This protects them as well as? giving that lovely metallic sheen which makes them so aesthetically pleasing.

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Stylishly crafted to create this sweet and charming sky combo of the moon and the stars. By drawing tranquillity in to any home, they inspire a calm space. You can hang them individually, or scatter them making your own beautiful slice of the night sky. A collection you can build on over time, adding as many stars as you have the space for.

We love them in the bedroom, front room, or in fact, any room!? They make a beautiful addition to a baby or child’s room. There is something magical about having your own set of moon and stars watching over them day and night. They look fabulous throughout the year as interior decor, and they work fantastically well in winter especially. Particularly over the festive season. Dressing up any display, or even the top of your tree, you know they will bring that festive spirit straight in to your home. (Trees may need additional support at the top!)

You can make them extra cosy with fairy lights, and then all you need is a hot chocolate and a hyggely blanket!

They are sure to add that extra special something to your home, all year round.


Approximate Sizing

The moon measures approximately?200mm x 130mm


Each star measures approximately?150mm x 150mm

Care Instructions

As with all our products, keep them somewhere warm and dry. Give them a bit of loving every few months by applying graphite paste; leave to dry and then buff off. Metal changes due to its environment, and with a little TLC every now and again it will look it’s best and last lifetimes. Should any little rust patches appear, use a light scouring pad, rub gently to remove the rust and coat well with graphite as instructed.

If you want to keep them outside, or you might prefer the rusty look in general, they will gradually rust if left outside due to them oxidising.

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