Treble Clef


Music lover, or lover of fancy. These treble clefs are sure to stand out from the rest. We love them hung on the wall, or on the edge of a grande piano. Wherever you decide its forever home is, we know that you’ll love it always.

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Add some music to your life! Whether you choose a treble clef to hang on your wall, or a freestanding one to put on your piano. You might be buying for yourself, or treating a music lover.?We know that you’ll admire for years to come. It may well turn into a family heirloom (music runs in the family you know!).

The soul and heart of music?is transformed to the fluidity of metal in the these treble clefs. Carefully forged so that the form of the metal flows perfectly. It carries the elegance and style that you have come to expect from Swann Forge. If you are short on space, you can?choose to hang it on the wall. Or you can opt for the freestanding option and place anywhere with a flat surface! We Hot forge, sculpt and then wired brush. Topping it off with a couple of coats of lacquer, and then buffed with graphite to give you that beautiful finish.

Approximate Sizing

Freestanding Treble Clef stands at approx. 290mm, with a footprint of 100mm and a width of 140mm

Wall Hanging Treble Clef is approx. 270mm tall, by 270mm wide, with a depth of 16mm

Treble Clef Care Instructions

As with all our products, keep somewhere warm and dry. Give them a bit of loving every few months by applying graphite paste; leave to dry and then buff off. Metal changes due to its environment, with a little TLC every now and again it will last lifetimes. Should any little rust patches appear, use a light scouring pad, and rub gently to remove the rust and coat well with graphite as instructed.

If you want to keep them outside or in the bathroom they will gradually rust. You may prefer the rusty look in general, which is great! But please be aware that due to the nature of metal, rust will occur if left in a damp environment due to them oxidising with an interior lacquer.

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